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Digital X Traditional

101 took a bold move to digitise Lunar New Year traditions.
We turned Wong Tai Sin Centre into a place where traditions meet contemporary, bringing a modern Lunar New Year blessing experience to visitors.

4.6-metre Cherry Blossom Wishing Tree

Light effects and technology make a modern wishing tree. We built a giant tree with 12 high-quality panels installed and connected to an application, with which customers can customise their wishes and throw them onto the tree digitally. Wishers could even learn their fortune digitally from Master Mak Ling Ling.

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Fortune Pinwheel Field

Spinning a pinwheel for good luck is one of the most popular activities for the Lunar New Year.
We created a pinwheel field with motion sensors. Whenever someone stands close, the pinwheels will automatically spin, symbolising that luck will come your way on its own!

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Digitising Traditional Lunar New Year

Type of service: Mall installation

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Celebrations with Temple Mall

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This mall installation has gained a lot of media coverage and created a lot of noise, especially on the innovative fusion between tradition and digital technology.
The event also helped increase customers' spending in the mall significantly.

Customised Good Luck Charm

Rather than just taking photos and getting a free souvenir, good luck charm customisation lets visitors get involved in the event and have a more personal experience.

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Giant Christmas Decoration

  Purple Xmas

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Preserving Traditional Art

Colours of Guangcai

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Artist Live Streaming Event

Live To Love

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