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One of the strengths of 101 is fusing traditions and culture with modern trends, giving old traditional art a new life. Canton porcelain is a unique - and sadly disappearing - local art. Only one porcelain shop, Yuet Tung China Works, remains in production. To keep this precious traditional art alive and pass it on, we created this event in collaboration with them, exhibiting their china works and the making process at Wong Tai Sin Centre.


Porcelain, Tea, The Art Exhibition

Scenes from The Bund were the inspiration behind the event's design. The European setting with the porcelain china teapots recreated the family scenes in the 60s and 70s. Vintage scenes resonate with the audience well, taking them right back to the old days. The immersive nature of the exhibition makes it more than just a bland exhibition, but a hot check-in spot too.

Redeem limited edition porcelain sets

The two porcelain sets both take a blue china design. The pattern draft was hand-drawn and then converted into a digital file. With the help of
Master Cho, we used the pattern and created these unique porcelain sets for visitors to redeem at the event as a souvenir.


Hand-paint porcelain experience

We held a "Hand Paint Porcelain" workshop hosted by various masters to share their techniques and let joiners try hand-painting their own porcelain. Not only did the workshop help the porcelain shop gain exposure, but the art of hand-paint porcelain also got more traction.

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Pass it on - traditional art project

Type of service: Mall event, Exhibition




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Each exhibit is a show of respect toward traditional art. We strive to create events that can touch on people's emotions. It has been a proud moment for us to have the chance to help preserve traditional art. We did our best to pass it on to the next generation.

Porcelain, Tea, The Art - Wong Tai Sin Centre

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Digitising Traditional Lunar New Year

The Wishing Tree

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  Purple Xmas

Giant Christmas Decoration

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Artist Live Streaming Event

Live To Love

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