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Type of service: Mall event,

Brand collaboration, Event planning

#christmas #mallinstallation

#Ribena #rooftopgarden #brandcolalboration

Who said Christmas has to be red and green? 101 collaborated with Ribena, the well-known blackcurrant drink brand to transform Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre into a festive check-in spot in the Wong Tai Sin District.

Defying the Traditional Christmas Colours

We used purple as the event colour. Different materials and textures were used to bring out the brand's fun and ever-changing identity. Blackcurrant, a distinctive element of the brand, was also incorporated to create a more unique, unconventional festive installation and a strong branding for Ribena.


Giant Capsule Christmas Tree

No big installations had been done in this space before. After liaising with multiple government departments, we broke through limitations and created a 3-tier Christmas tree over 5 metres tall and three giant text lightboxes. This installation was more than just a tree - it was an entertaining experience overall. Fun interactive games, capsules, and rewards captured the interests of consumers of all ages. The other side of the rooftop garden had a festive corner with a photogenic purple light tunnel.


Collaboration with Local Illustrators

We invited 9 local illustrators
(咖喱張 Curry Cheung、Handmadeship、Venus Philosophy、Isatisse 眼袋女孩、杜波淇、Haru & Furi、Lolo Hoihoi、fatfat_and_rabbit) to draw illustrations for Ribena in their distinctive styles and design limited edition merchants.

Local Illustrators


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A Purple Christmas with TWS Centre

Interactive Xmas Mega-Installation

Asset 3 .png


The unconventional festive installation attracted many visitors from out of the neighbourhood, overthrew the perceived uptight image of Tsz Wan Shan Shopping Centre, and redefined the colour of Christmas.

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Digitising Traditional Lunar New Year

The Wishing Tree

Temple Mall exhibition.jpg

Preserving Traditional Art

Colours of Guangcai

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Artist Live Streaming Event

Live To Love

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