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101 firmly believes that each event has its value. If you put your heart into it, even street culture can transform into
something stage-worthy.

SDK - STREET DANCE KEMP is a popular dance competition in Europe. Every year, the preselection tour of battles in different locations will select winners to compete in the grand finale in the Czech Republic. 101 organised SDK Asia in the hopes that more eyeball-grabbing events will emerge in Hong Kong.
All talents, big or small, should be given a chance to shine and show off their skills!


Dancers across Asia gathered in Hong Kong

Since Hong Kong was the only SDK stop in Asia with 6 dance categories, not only did the event attract many local dancers, but also those all over China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia.

Indoor/outdoor setup, different atmosphere

The two events 101 organised took place in different venues, showing the immense possibilities of street dance events. Stage light effects in indoor venues can amp up the performance, while an outdoor setup allows more interaction on and off the stage.


Dance your way to Czech

It's every dancer's dream to meet fellow dancers from all over the world. All winners in SDK Asia - Hong Kong got a free plane ticket to join

the SDK STREET DANCE KAMP in the Czech Republic - a chance to

show their moves to the world!

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Dance off on the world stage

Type of service: Sports event


#SDK #streetdance


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The dance event attracted many dancers to join - apart from local dancers, over 40% came from different regions worldwide. The event itself was a success, but more importantly, it provided a global stage for dancing enthusiasts.

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First Ever Slam Dunk Contest

Dunk Kong


Fusion of sports and innovation

Large-scale sports event

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Artist Live Streaming Event

Live To Love

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