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On to professional league games - ABL

Continuing the success of Dunk Kong, the 101 team was invited to be a part of the organising team for the Asian Basketball League, making arrangements for games in Hong Kong and settling down professional teams from South East Asia. From organising an entertaining event to a professional league is a significant step up. We are beyond delighted and proud of this opportunity!

Dunk Kong
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First-ever international slam dunk contest in Hong Kong

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Introducing popular overseas events is one of the ambitions of 101's to break boundaries and improve local events. For DUNK KONG, we invited the hottest dunker - Jordan Kilganon and NBA star Shawn Marion to grace their presence. Hong Kong has never seen an international slam dunk competition before, so it is definitely a rare chance for NBA fans in Hong Kong to buy tickets and see them in person.

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Top players showing their skills

Joining Jordan Kilganon and Shawn Marion were other world-class dunkers, CBA players and Hong Kong professional basketball team Eastern Long Lion. 101 formed MATRIX, a team of star players headed by Shawn Marion to go against Eastern Long Lion in a charity match.
The audience didn't just get to witness the slam dunk performance but also see world-class players in action.

Slam Dunk variety show

Every basketball fan has a thing for dunks. Instead of watching videos on screen, seeing all these slam dunk moves in person hits different. Tomahawk, elbow hang, double-clutch and more dunk moves were displayed, which kept the audience in high spirits. The screams of excitement showed how much we need more of these events in Hong Kong.


Dunk Kong - International basketball event

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The event is upgraded from the performance show to the professional basketball league. Definitely the result that our team are very happy to see!  

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Fusion of sports and innovation

Large-scale sports event


Dance off on the world stage



Branded stationary set for a fresh new look

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