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Type of service: Design, Production,

Event management

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For HKUST's booth at the HKSTP InnoCarnival, 101 used a unique and innovative design to showcase inventions and research findings of high local significance. Not only was the exhibition eye-catching, but it also included games, science and artistic elements that added a lot of fun.


Iconic exhibition design

The exhibition booth was very colourful, matching the HKUST 30th-anniversary celebration palette. The roof's streamlined and spacious structure resembles the buildings in HKUST. While the exhibition area had multiple LED screens playing video introductions of the exhibits, attracting people to stay back and learn more.

Robots' football

101 put extra effort to make the exhibition more enjoyable.
The miniature football field displayed was an interactive game visitors could join and play. The game also served as an education session, showcasing the mobility of the robots and the latest technology in robotics.

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First Design

Demonstration of high efficiency

The biggest challenge of the event was the short time we had to grasp the client's needs and go through design and production. Since the ideation stage, we used 3D design drafts and tried to recreate what the client had in mind. We also utilised different materials and methods to achieve the highest efficiency and quality while keeping a reasonable budget.

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Fun interactive exhibition X HKUST

InnoCarnival 2021

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The most successful part of the event was the innovative design elements incorporated into the exhibition. From experience, we managed to strike a perfect balance between practicality and aesthetics for the exhibition design. Due to last year's success, we will work on the project again for a second year. We are honoured to work with HKUST again to bring even more outstanding work for InnoCarnival 2022.

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Brand Transformation


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Preserving Traditional Art

Colours of Guangcai


Endorser Event

Supercharge Party

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