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The 3 phases of rebranding

Type of service: Design, Production,

Event Planning



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Rebranding is challenging as it requires scrapping the old image to let the new image shine. For FUJIFILM’s rebranding, 101 brainstormed, designed and organised a series of 3 rebranding events, using 3 themes to help them relaunch their brand in a professional yet energetic manner.

Phase 1: Rocket launch - Rebranding

The theme of the rebranding event was a rocket launch, symbolising that FUJIFILM will keep going upwards after the rebranding. Apart from seminars, a claw machine,
a popcorn maker, and a mocktail bar helped spice up the event. Staff and business partners celebrated and shared the joy of FUJIFILM's rebranding.

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Business Innovation - FUJIFILM

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Phase 2: Interactive exhibition

Interactiveness was the key highlight of "The Road to Business Innovation". FUJIFILM debuted its new brand image to the world with an interactive exhibition, where we used mini-models and interactive devices to visualise exhibit info and details.
This approach makes it easier for visitors to digest the information while aligning with the brand's notion of innovations and breakthroughs. The media and business partners got to know the new path of their business - an all-rounded, one-stop digital solution for corporates.

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Internal staff, business partners, and the general public - were the main focus of each of the three phases. We successfully helped the brand recreate a lively yet professional image, establishing new business values to keep the brand competitive in the market.

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Endorser Event

Supercharge Party


Grand Annual Event

Convention Day




Phase 3: The Neon Party

We feel that a neon light themed party was the perfect way to establish the new, modern brand image. The playful neon colour around the party space made an impactful impression on the guests. We also showcased the brand's signature design with the giant neon light display designed together with a local artist. The opening ceremony - "Flying Butterflies" engaged staff from different departments with interactive games. The aim was to establish brand loyalty and strengthen their faith with the rebranding so that those around them, and ultimately the clients, would feel their passion for the brand.

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